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Hydro’s head office at Vækerø will be Norway’s largest office building with solar panels

The planning phase to install solar panels at the commercial buildings in Vækerø Park has begun. With 1,520 high-efficiency panels, it will be the country’s largest installation at an office building.

Inge Oftebro, Nina Schefte and Per Urdahl at rooftop on Vækerø
Inge Oftebro (Technical Manager Norsk Hydro's Pension Fund), Nina Schefte (Head of Social Responsibility in Hydro) and Per Urdahl (Manager Energima Solel and supplier to the project) inspecting the roof of Vækerø Park before work begins. (Photo: Einar Stabell/Hydro)

"The head office at Vækerø means something to our identity. We hope this is something our employees – and future employees – find exciting and inspiring," says Nina Schefte, Head of CSR in Hydro.

Hydro launched its updated sustainability ambitions in December 2021 and has a clear goal of developing renewable energy-based solutions throughout its operations.

The project has been supported by the Oslo Climate Agency, which has been an important contributor to the realization of the project. The installation at Vækerø alone accounts for just over 12% of the total effect of all projects that have been approved by the Climate Agency.

"We hope that more companies can be inspired by this and look at renewable energy solutions for their office space. We all have an important role to play in speeding up the green transition," says Schefte.

It is estimated that the solar plant will be able to produce 500,000 kWh per year.

Vækerø Park is owned by Norsk Hydro’s Pensjonskasse (Norsk Hydro’s pension fund) and is located in Drammensveien in Oslo.

Installation of the solar panels will start in June and is expected to be completed in August.

Hydro's head office at Vækerø in Oslo.
Hydro's head office at Vækerø in Oslo. (Photo: Anders Vindegg/Hydro)


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