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Aluminium for beverage cans

We are a major global supplier of body, end and tab stock for the production of aluminium beverage cans. We are committed to serving the global aluminium beverage can market – our contribution to a sustainable future.

Aluminium Can Ends & Ringpulls in different finishes

60 years ago, can producers focused on aluminium to protect the filling from external influences and make it portable. Hydro, as a global supplier, provides the aluminium for the development of the can.

We look back on decades of experience in developing and continuously improving our material for the aluminium beverage can. Be it shapes or colours – we and aluminium can.

Why aluminium cans?

  • Recyclability. Our aluminium can be reused again and again without losing quality. Recycling aluminium means 95 percent less energy consumption in comparison to the primary production
  • Cooling effect. Due to its high heat conductivity properties, beverages filled in aluminium cans are easily cooled with a minimum loss of energy
  • Light-proof and oxygen-tight. Due to its physical properties, aluminium is the ideal material for protecting liquids from external influences
  • Stackable and light. Because of its low weight and shape, aluminium cans are perfectly suited for transporting large quantities of beverages in small units with minimum space requirements

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Why aluminium cans from Hydro?

  • We provide the brightest aluminium surface available in the market
  • We ensure maximum productivity, which leads to cost-effective performance in beverage can manufacture
  • We offer production flexibility with coil widths up to two meters
  • We have proven results for all gauges and all types of end-manufacturing lines
  • We use and test innovative materials with surface properties ideal for brand promotion and product differentiation
  • We have the leading experience worldwide in the development, production and supply of aluminium beverage can products

Life cycle of beverage cans

Production phase

With one aluminium coil we can produce either:

  • 8 million tabs
  • 2.5 million can ends
  • 700,000 can bodies

Use phase

  • A truck with aluminium beverage cans can transport twice as much liquids as a truck with beverage bottles. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • The amount of aluminium cans used in Europe within the next five years will increase by about 10 billion cans

Recycling phase

  • 75 percent of all produced aluminium ever is still in use
  • 95 percent of all cans in Germany are recycled
  • While recycling cans we use 95 percent less energy than in primary aluminium production
  • Every recycled can saves enough energy to provide a laptop with energy for three hours
  • In our recycling plant for used beverage cans we recycle up to 50,000 tons of used beverage cans per year
  • It takes 60 days until the recycled can appears on the market again

The benefits of using aluminium for beverage cans

As aluminium is a permanent material that can be recycled repeatedly with no loss of inherent characteristics, cans stand out in terms of their recyclability and contribution to the circular economy. The paper explores the benefits of aluminium used in cans.

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