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Using welded tubes for your industrial applications

If you are considering using aluminium to improve your industrial product, then start with us. We develop and manufacture aluminium high frequency welded tubes for a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

cut through profiles of welded tubes

Our welded aluminium tubes benefit you in these ways:

  • Thin-wall tubes with high mechanical properties and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • With tight tolerances on length (+/- 1 mm if length < 3000 mm) diameter and wall thickness, you receive dimensional accuracy and a lower weight / meter
  • Welded tubes in aluminium offer ease in fabrication, forming and processing
  • The aluminium alloys used do not age-harden after production. They are always easy to process, even after long storage
  • The tubes are made with a high-quality finish and aesthetics
  • You can order high-strength alloys with or without clad layer (for additional corrosion protection, post-braze strength or improved joint formation)
  • Tubes with internal diameters larger than 16 mm can be supplied with the inner weld seam removed, for instance for telescopic solutions
  • Our tubes are made from nearly 100 percent recycled aluminium.

Welded Tubes general specifications brochure!

Request the general specifications brochure

Shapes of welded tubes

Aluminium tubes in different shapes 2019.jpg

We can offer you the shape that best suits your application.

Unlimited solutions - choose yours

Whether round, flat, oval, rectangular or square: Our high-frequency welded aluminium tubes will always match your needs.

Thin-walled or thick-walled aluminium tubes for a wide spectrum of applications.

We manufacture thin-walled as well as thick-walled aluminium tubes from 0.65 mm to 3.0 mm and up to a length of 12 m.

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