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Decide for yourself where you're going! School is finished, life is ahead. Now what? You've learned a lot - including what subjects and topics you like. Are you enthusiastic about physics or technology? Can you do math? Can you speak German or even English? Make your way to Hydro. Use your strengths and become a real specialist with us.

Julia Griess and Lisa Lauda

In the same way that every aluminium can is transformed into something new again and again (because aluminium can be recycled as often as you like), everyone is constantly learning new things. Just like you - after school you enter a new world.

One thing is clear: An apprenticeship is a great start to your professional life. Hydro will help you make the most of it. There are many exciting apprenticeships waiting for you. They will make you fit for your own personal career.

You will experience: Your ideas, your work, your skills will make a difference at Hydro - and help you get ahead. We will support you comprehensively in achieving your goals. Good teamwork and our values are a key to success at Hydro, for you too.

We have received several awards as an employer and for our first-class training. You will learn at a high level - theory in a clear program and targeted, job-safe practice by qualified colleagues. Afterwards, there are excellent chances of being taken on and great prospects. Because Hydro is a company with a strong future. Help to shape it.

Well, what will you be?!