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Would you like to shape the next phase of green industrial development?

It all starts with energy. We need to ensure that the world’s economic growth is sustainable for our planet and people. As part of our new strategic direction to diversify and explore new growth opportunities, Hydro has established the renewable energy company Hydro REIN, a renewable hydrogen company, and the business unit Batteries in our Energy business area.

Green future

Hydro REIN facilitates access to affordable renewable power for industrial use, sourced from its portfolio of hydro, solar and wind projects in Brazil and the Nordics. The company also provides industrial scale solutions to improve customers’ energy efficiency, help them reduce emissions and cut costs.

The Batteries business unit actively develops current assets and projects in the battery sector and explores new opportunities for Hydro in the battery value chain. 

Our new hydrogen company will offer renewable hydrogen solutions that will help bring the world to net-zero emissions. The company will develop, construct and operate facilities to produce renewable hydrogen that can be used by industries as an alternative to fossil fuels, helping them reduce CO2 emissions. Our aim is to develop a renewable hydrogen market and value chain in close collaboration with industrial partners. 

Would you like to join us?

If you would like to join our journey into renewable growth, have a closer look at our open positions here:

As part of our new strategic direction to diversify and explore new growth opportunities, Hydro will establish a new company to focus on hydrogen. We are now recruiting for one of the key positions in the new company.

Hydro Hydrogen will offer renewable energy solutions for clean and more sustainable industries. Renewable-based hydrogen, produced using renewable electricity, is an energy carrier that will play a key role in the energy transition. Renewable-based hydrogen can fuel heavy industries, shipping and long-distance transport. By developing and operating renewable hydrogen production, we will enable industries to move away from fossil fuels and feed stocks by offering hydrogen based on wind, solar and hydropower. We will capitalize on Hydro’s 115 years of experience of turning natural resources into sustainable businesses. Our ambition is to lead the way in making clean hydrogen take the right role in decarbonizing the parts of the economy where it makes the most sense. 

As Commercial Director in the new company, you will join an industrial venture and play a pivotal part for a sustainable future. Driving the business to commercial success will require a balance between long-term positioning and short-term revenue creation. To reach these objectives, deep customer engagement will be required. 

Hydro’s hydrogen company will have the following main commercial interfaces:

  • Sale of hydrogen to customers inside Hydro, in heat-consuming business areas
  • Sale of hydrogen to external customers in industry and transport 
  • As a key lever to creating value, act as an integrated knowledge partner to both internal and external customers 
  • Commercial relationships to suppliers, including that to Hydro Energy for supply of power and collaboration to create revenues in the balancing markets
  • Partnerships with other players in the value chain that will complement the capabilities of the business

Area of Responsibility
As Commercial Director of the new company within Hydrogen, main responsibilities include:

  • Lead the commercial activities of Hydro Hydrogen as part of the management team.
  • Build and manage the commercial team – as an integrated part of a close-knit business development organization. Make this team a driver in shaping an agile and innovative business culture inside Hydro Hydrogen.
  • Strategize, conceive and prioritise a strong opportunity pipeline of supply to Hydro’s businesses and external customers. In doing so, optimise value creation from synergies between internal demand and 3rd party sales. 
  • Successfully deliver firm supply contracts from this opportunity pipeline.  
  • For the supply of power, secure long-term contracts between Hydro Hydrogen and Hydro Energy. Further create a strong commercial relationship with Hydro Energy to optimise the configuration of the hydrogen assets to create value in the power markets.
  • Partnerships with other players in the hydrogen value chain are important to accelerate the development and market positioning of the business. The Commercial Director will be responsible to shape such balanced partnerships that secure future value creation for the partners.
  • Actively build trust and confidence in Hydro Hydrogen across Hydro BAs to drive business formation and ensure business complementarity 
  • Actively shape in the business and technology strategy of Hydro Hydrogen, including regional market strategies complemented by partnerships
  • Actively contribute to the policy and soft funding strategy of Hydro Hydrogen, including positioning of projects to maximise available soft funding opportunities 


  • Master’s or PhD level education in relevant business, science or engineering discipline, paired with a proven ability to utilize this competence across the business and technology space 
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant international experience in the energy or industrial sectors, in roles that have been exposed to value creation in transitional strategic settings.
  • A strong commercial background from relevant areas
  • Track record in turning opportunities into firm business commitments 
  • Proven ability to form industrial partnerships, with an approach to creating mutually beneficial relationships 
  • Understanding of and experience with the emerging energy industry transition and dynamics, irrespective of the angle (e.g. project development, project finance, transmission networks, power purchase and sourcing, renewable power technology, power markets, etc.)
  • A will to drive the industrial de-carbonisation agenda, including a conscious approach to how business plays with other levers like policy and public sentiment to drive these transitional trends. 
  • Understanding of capital markets and the symbiosis with business development and capitalisation strategy 
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and "can do" attitude
  • Value-driven, with high focus on collaboration and teambuilding
  • Strong communication skills

What we offer
This is a unique opportunity to be part of an industrial start-up with global ambitions in the fast-growing renewables business. Commencement will be as soon as possible and you will join a hard-working and fun-loving team, triggered by doing their best in an international and dynamic work environment. You’ll have room to shape your own role and really make your mark on our way forward.

Additional Information
Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses with focus on a safe and good workplace for our 34,000 employees in more than 140 locations.

Hydro is committed to leading the way in shaping a sustainable future and in doing so, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways to industries that matter.

The application deadline has expired. 

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The application dealine has expired. 

The application deadline has expired. 

Learn more about our new business below. 

Hydro REIN

Hydro REIN offers renewable energy solutions for more sustainable industries.

Our goal is to help our clients succeed with the energy transition. We facilitate access to affordable renewable power, sourced from our portfolio of hydro, solar and wind projects in Brazil and the Nordics. We also provide industrial scale solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and cut costs.

The transition from fossil to renewable-based energy systems plays an important role in tackling climate change. We have the legacy and capabilities to help industries getting access to affordable, cleaner energy in a responsible and sustainable way, helping them optimize their power consumption and reduce their footprint" Olivier Girardot, Head of Hydro REIN

Our business model is based on agility and the ability to leverage Hydro’s 100+ years of renewable energy and industrial development. Our diverse team has the expertise and the resolve to develop projects, services and solutions that make a difference for our clients and the societies they are part of.

We are building a highly skilled team that puts values first. Our team cultivates inclusion, innovation and different approaches to problem solving. We share an entrepreneurial spirit, uncompromising integrity, and a “can do” attitude.


Hydro is establishing a Batteries business unit to develop our position in the fast-growing battery sector.


The Battery business unit will actively develop current assets and projects in the battery sector and explore new opportunities for Hydro in the battery value chain. Our energy team has engaged in several ventures within battery and energy storage in recent years. Our minority share in the global leader within marine batteries, Corvus Energy, has been a success so far with establishment of automated manufacturing in Bergen. We have also taken a small share in the Swedish integrated battery start-up Northvolt, and our battery recycling joint venture Hydro Volt was recently announced.  

The battery sector is expected to grow very fast globally and in Europe, mainly on the back of the ongoing automotive industry transformation from fossil fuel to electrical vehicles. There is a demand for a European sustainable battery value chain, and Hydro and Norway is well placed to take significant positions in this sector. The next steps to realize this potential are to establish a dedicated team that will systematically build competence through hiring of experts, and actively develop and expand Hydro’s battery footprint.  

We aim to explore new growth in areas where our capabilities match the global megatrends, says Hilde Merete Aasheim, CEO & President.

Renewable hydrogen 

Hydro sees a substantial potential for industrial hydrogen consumption which will help reduce CO2 emissions. We are establishing a separate hydrogen company to take a leading role as a developer and operator in the hydrogen sector, switching from gas to hydrogen at several of our own sites as well as developing and serving the external market. Our hydrogen will be produced using renewable energy sources including hydro, solar and wind, and will bring green energy to industries and sectors that have historically been hard to decarbonize.


With more than 100 years of experience in hydropower, Hydro is one of the top three largest operators of power production in Norway.

Satisfied Hydro Energy Employee

We have substantial, self-generated power capacity to support our production of primary metal and are engaged in several initiatives to secure competitive power supplies for our aluminium operations.

Hydro Energy’s unit plays a vital role in this and consists of a highly competent cross-disciplinary team.

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