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Lighter, safer, recyclable cars

Emission reduction is a main concern of the automotive industry. Aluminium enables lighter cars without compromising safety.

Driving on the road

Aluminium components for all vehicles

We design and manufacture aluminium components and produce semis for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Components and systems include body applications, roof rails, seat tracks and seating components, finished trim, structural parts, fuel systems and engine products, safety parts, radiators, structural components, brake lines, air coolers, battery boxes, tubing for heat exchangers, foundry alloys, sheet and extrusions for further processing and more.

Your aluminium partner

We offer you unmatched R&D knowledge, including high-strength alloy development, with applied manufacturing skills in bending, machining, joining, surface treatment and assembly. Our high-precision semis guarantee efficiency and performance in your manufacturing processes and in the car.

We work with OEMs and top-tier suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia. We serve as consulting engineers and as your manufacturing partner, utilizing aluminium extrusion and rolling technologies in structural and heat transfer applications.

As the automotive industry is replacing steel and copper with aluminium, we are your partner.

Why aluminium in cars

  • Aluminium is light, strong and has excellent energy absorption properties
  • Choosing aluminium means lighter cars with lower fuel consumption and less emissions
  • Aluminium makes cars safer, enables design for disassembly and is 100 percent recyclable