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Stimulating electric vehicle development

Lightweighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Lightweighting starts with aluminium.

Electric Vehicle in Park Street Charging station

Light and safe electrical cars

Lighter cars need less fuel to travel same distances, also when your fuel is electricity. Maintaining excellent crash worthiness, our modular e-mobility solutions for battery packs can lower costs in production and operation and offer maximum design flexibility.

Aluminium plays a significant role in the lightweighting of modern vehicles, and we develop cutting edge solutions.

Lightweight battery packs

We design and manufacture lightweight battery packs and enclosure frame solutions for all electrical vehicles. Other products include SC-13® busbars, as aluminium battery cables. These reduce weight and save costs, and are useful in hybrid models, where the battery is placed away from the engine.

We also offer components and systems for heat sinks, motor housings, cabin heaters and structural body components – just as with traditional cars.