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Hydro's Tolerances Booklet

Hydro's tolerances booklet is a useful book in pocket size. It covers the standards EN 755-9 and EN 12020-2 for the extrusion of aluminium.

Hydro's tolerances booklet for dimension and form of extruded profiles

Tolerances for dimension and form of extruded profiles

EN 755-9

Covers the tolerances on dimensions and shapes for all extruded aluminium profiles in all applied alloys.

EN 12020-2

Covers more precise standard tolerances on dimensions and shapes, realizable with the most applied alloys, namely 6060 and 6063

Closer tolerances 

Closer tolerances than the prescribed standard tolerances are possible for both EN 755-9 and EN 12020-2. But they have to be fixed in close collaboration with Hydro. 

Available in four languages

Our tolerances booklet is available in English, Dutch, French and German.