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Registration for suppliers in Brazil

We have several local suppliers that are essential to our continued growth. Before working with us, all suppliers are subject to an internal qualification process.

Mão assinando um contrato

To be registered as a supplier in Hydro’s database, we need you to complete this form. In addition company and contact information, the form includes a Prerequisite Questionnaire that demonstrates yours and Hydro’s commitment to comply with legal, regulatory human rights, integrity and other obligations. 

If required, the Procurement area may contact you.

Before be registered as a supplier in Hydro's database, please read the Data Privacy Policy which is available here.

The questionnaire demonstrates Hydro's and our suppliers' commitment to comply with legal, regulatory, human rights, integrity, and other obligations. The completion of this information is essential for the purpose of registering the supplier in the Hydro database, and the information can be validated later.