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Andreia Reis (41) will head Relations and Business Development and Luiz Gustavo Corrêa (53) will be responsible for the expansion, technology and bauxite exploration projects . Both held central positions in Vale's aluminum organization today.

Two other Vale managers have been appointed to key positions in the future organization: Luiz Barbosa (50) will be the & nbsp; head of the Commercial organization in Brazil and Paulo César Albuquerque ( 52) will be the head of Human Resources.

It has been previously reported that Daryush Khoshneviss and Geraldo Brittes will continue as heads of operations at Alunorte and Paragominas, respectively.

The future business area will be established immediately after the closing of the deal between Hydro and Vale, probably in the fourth quarter of 2010, depending on the necessary approvals.

Fair balance, strong team

"I am very pleased - but not surprised - to see that we were able to create a fair balance between Vale and Hydro, leaders in the planned organization. My experience in our cooperation makes me confident that we are about to create a strong team, made up of skilled and determined leaders. Now, we all hope to be able to move from planning to operation as quickly as possible, "says Johnny Undeli, executive vice president and head of the new business area.

Your management team will consist of:

  • Andreia Reis , Head of Relations and Business Development
  • Anne-Lene Midseim , Head of Personnel
  • Eivind Kallevik , Chief Financial Officer
  • Fernando Simões Henriques , Head of Operations
  • Luiz Gustavo Corrêa, head of bauxite expansion, technology and exploration projects
  • Simon Storesund , Head of Sales
  • Tor-Ove Horstad , head of CAP and Pará III projects

Undeli will assume full responsibility for integration planning, which has so far been led by Arvid Moss.
& nbsp;

New team members

Andreia Sousa Magalhães Reis has an MBA in Finance and has been the Executive Coordinator of Vale's aluminum department since 2003. Currently she is responsible for industrial analysis and strategic planning, analysis of transactions and strategic negotiations and corporate governance. Previously, he worked as a specialist in Vale's Investor Relations Department, as a Senior Financial Analyst and as a Human Resources Analyst.

In his future role as head of Relations and Business Development, he will play a central role in the company's important relations with the Brazilian authorities and in the future development of operations in the state of Pará.

Luiz Gustavo Corrêa has an MBA in Process Management, a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Specialization in Mineral Technology. He has approximately 30 years of experience in the bauxite and alumina industry, working with production, planning, maintenance, quality, costs, budgets and personnel development for Alcoa, Alunorte and Vale.

He joined Alunorte in 1994, as General Production Manager. From 2003 he was responsible for industrial development activities at Vale's Aluminum Department. He has been responsible for basic and conceptual engineering at the Companhia de Alumina do Pará (CAP) and currently holds the position of General Production Manager at Alunorte.

In Hydro's Bauxite and Alumina organization, you will have a special responsibility for bauxite expansion, technology and exploration projects.

Other central leaders

Luiz Barbosa will have a central role as head of Hydro's future Commercial organization in Brazil. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA in Finance and 10 years of experience in the finance area at Albras and Alunorte, and another 10 years as a purchasing manager at Vale. For six years he has been responsible for negotiating and selling bauxite, alumina and aluminum for the domestic and international markets.

He will report to Simon Storesund, Head of Commercial Area

The future head of HR, Paulo César Albuquerque Carvalho da Silva , has over 20 years of experience in human resources, personnel management, corporate communication and HSE and has been responsible for HR in aluminum operations at Vale since 2008. He has a degree in management and an MBA. He held various positions at Albras from 1985 to 2008 and also worked as a business administrator at Telepará.

He will report to Anne-Lene Midseim, Head of Personnel functions.

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