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All changes will take effect when the transaction with Vale is concluded, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010.

Eivind Kallevik was appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer, Anne-Lene Midseim was appointed to Director of Human Resources, Tor-Ove Horstad to Director of the Expansion Project CAP 1 / Para III and Simon Storesund as Commercial Director.

The appointment of Fernando Simões Henriques to the position of Operations Director had already been announced.

This new organization will have the responsibility to manage bauxite and alumina operations in Brazil, after the conclusion of the transaction with Vale.

A whole new Business Area

“The integration planning process is very complex, and we need to work quickly so that we can be ready to manage such operations by the estimated date for completing the transaction,” says Johnny Undeli, the head of the new business unit. .

“We will build a completely new business area that can manage this segment without major difficulties from the beginning. In the meantime, it is very important for us to manage day-to-day business as usual, both at Hydro and Vale, until the day of the transition. ”

He has already made the decision on the overall structure of the organization and has also appointed some of the most important members of the new management team.

From now on, the focus will be on structuring the organization completely, and also on dimensioning the new commercial area, making the necessary adjustments in other parts of Hydro's organization. This process is expected to be completed by the end of August.

"The challenge in this process is to remove all the functions that are currently integrated into Vale's organization, and also to find the best ways to organize Vale's Aluminum division, within the various commercial areas at Hydro," says Undeli. < / p>

An important element within this work will be the definition of the various tasks, roles and responsibilities within the organization. A very important element in this regard will be the mapping of the interfaces between Hydro's organization and Vale's aluminum division, which will be transferred to Hydro after the conclusion of the transaction.

Indications for key positions

The following appointments were made, subject to the completion of the transaction:

Eivind Kallevik (42) - Chief Financial Officer in the Bauxite and Alumina Area in Brazil. He is currently the Corporate Financial, Performance and Tax Director. In his new role, he will also be the only point of contact for the management of Strategies and Performance.

Anne-Lene Midseim (41) - Director of Human Resources in the area of Bauxite and Alumina. She currently works as a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this new position, she will be responsible for the areas of HR, Customer Service, Corporate Social Responsibility and also administrative functions. The name of the person who will hold the position of Director of Corporate Social Responsibility will be announced in due course.

These employees will work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Simon Storesund (45) - Commercial Area Director. He is currently working as head of the Bauxite and Alumina area in Primary Metals. The organizational impacts on the Primary Metals area are being evaluated and will be informed in due time.
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As already announced, Fernando Simões Henriques (60) will join the team as Director of Operations.

Tor-Ove Horstad (45) will continue in his current position as Director of the Office in Brazil, until completion. From August 2010, he will assume responsibility as Project Director, for Expansion CAP1 / Para III, reporting to the Management Committee under the command of Undeli. Tor-Ove will also ensure continuity of local office management and general affairs, including maintaining the network of relationships already established.

The HR Manager in the commercial area of Bauxite & amp; Alumina will report to Midseim after the transaction. A Vale employee will be appointed to this position soon, and will have an active role within the Integration Planning activities, as well as in Vale employees' nominations for the new organization.
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