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Along with Fernando Simões Henriques, who will lead the two activities in Brazil, Undeli was able to follow the work more closely during a recent visit. The visit was part of the integration planning that is now developing rapidly.

Cooperation is the key to success

“As a boss, you must be humble and hopeful when thinking about the tasks ahead of you. This is big. This is in the long run. And it is extremely important for Hydro that we succeed here. The key to this success is in the cooperation with all future colleagues in Barcarena, Paragominas and Rio de Janeiro, who according to the plans will join the Bauxite & amp; Hydro's alumina. Together, they represent knowledge and competence that will be extremely important to us, not only in the first months, but in the years to come, ”says Undeli.

He praised the way in which Hydro personnel were received in Brazil in the first phase of integration planning.

"It's promising," he says. “What we found was sincerity, openness and goodwill, which made an impression not only on me, but on other people as well. It is inspiring to see how many similarities seem to exist in the business culture of Brazilian and Hydro operations. ”

New organization in formation

The planning work on the integration of Hydro with Vale's aluminum unit in Brazil is entering a new phase after the appointment of management positions and other important positions in the new business area were announced in mid-June. Now it is the turn of appointments that are still missing and other organizational tasks, as well as the creation of a structure and appointments to positions subordinate to the management of the business area.

Undeli says there are no plans to make major organizational changes in the activities of Brazilian mines and facilities.

“The most important organizational challenges concern how we should organize the support functions that are now part of Vale's central organization,” says Undeli.

Major changes in the organization of the staff

On the other hand, there will be major changes for the 33 employees who belong to Hydro's affected staff and for its 31 future colleagues who now work at Vale's central organization.

According to the plans, the structure under the leadership of the business area should be ready in August and the appointments should take place by the end of September. The structure of the rest of the organization is expected to be determined in September, while the entire organization is expected to be completed “on paper” in October.

In principle, positions will not be open to employees who are not naturally part of the process.

Need for qualification, changes can occur

“We are working so that everyone who is naturally part of the new business area should be offered a job. We need all the skills offered by the Hydro organization and Vale's people. For some, especially for employees in Oslo, there could be the question of moving to a different location. As we traditionally do at Hydro, we will try to determine this in cooperation with each person, ”says Undeli.

“We have also decided that Vale employees who join Hydro after the planned takeover will maintain & nbsp; the remuneration and benefits they have achieved, although some adjustments may be necessary so that everything is in line with Hydro guidelines. ”

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