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"The year 2010 was a turning point for Hydro: Partly because we emerged from the crisis as a stronger company, after two difficult years, partly also because the conclusion of Qatalum consolidated Hydro's strong presence in the best quartile of world primary aluminum production, but, above all, for the purchase of Vale's aluminum business in Brazil, which marks the beginning of a new era in Hydro's history ”, affirms Brandtzæg in his letter to shareholders.

“Agenda 2010 - our two-year program to escape the financial crisis - has been successfully completed and we now have a new ambition: to raise Hydro to the highest level in the global aluminum industry,” says Brandtzæg.

The Annual Report - 2010 is Hydro's main report for the year 2010. It contains detailed information on Hydro's activities, operational and financial performance, feasibility, management and accounting performance. The report is available in English only.

In order to meet the requirements stipulated by Norwegian legislation, a report called “Annual Accounting and Annual Report - 2010” was also prepared. The report is only available in Norwegian and English.

The page , presents the two reports in full, in addition to some Additional Information. All parts of the reports can be downloaded from the website in PDF format and printed, to choose from. However, part of the content is only available in English.

Hydro's main report on feasibility performance is included in the “Annual Report - 2010”, with more information available on page .

Shareholders and other interested parties who want to request paper-free reports, can access the page .

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