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The extensive use of aluminum in road implements and accessories for commercial vehicles has been practiced for some decades in Europe, North America and Asia. In recent years, with growing concerns about energy efficiency, environmental conservation and greenhouse gas emissions, the use of light metal has intensified and this has taken it one step further: innovation.
New technologies have been developed and many new products introduced.

With operations in virtually every country in Europe and a global research and development department, Hydro is beginning a movement to transfer its experience in these segments to the Brazilian market.

Aluminum, with its many competitive advantages, allows the development of lighter components and accessories, which are elegant, durable, fully recyclable , with a competitive cost and excellent performance.

Hydro presents a series of extruded aluminum profiles to road implement manufacturers that have been specifically designed for the fa of:

  • side protectors for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, according to the legislation recently introduced in the country,
  • side, front and rear guards for open bodies of all types and dimensions and
  • 100% aluminum bodies for light trucks.

In addition to profiles, Hydro offers complete assistance to manufacturers interested in differentiating themselves and offering the numerous advantages of Hydro aluminum products to their customers.

Hydro has a growing presence in the road implements for dry cargo. The product development coordinator, EngºEdson Fim, explains that aluminum is a facilitator for the development of more economical vehicles.

"Lighter vehicles are safer and less polluting. Research shows that a reduction of 10% by weight of a vehicle will reduce fuel consumption by approximately 7% ", he says. "Aluminum reduces weight."

The cost-benefit analysis, combined with the need to think about more sustainable strategies, has led entrepreneurs to gradually increase the use of aluminum. Change is a matter of time - a one-way trip for better prices and better deals.

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