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The idea is to bring information about the characteristics, competitive advantages and applications of aluminum metal to university students from courses such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, trying to awaken their interest in the “metal of the future available in the present” .

Between August 13th and 15th, about 80 students were received at the extrusion company for an afternoon of inspiration and knowledge.

As well as the well-known Hydro Academy, the event included lectures, question sessions, monitored visits and a showroom of interesting applications of extruded profiles.

“The purpose of this event is to really inspire these young people who have not yet entered the job market, and to inform them about the advantages of using aluminum in their future work”, says Eng. Rodrigo Santos, Development Coordinator Hydro Products and one of the speakers at the event.

As aluminum applications are not included or even mentioned in the course content, students tend to be interested in the event, since they can see that there is a lot of aluminum in their lives, from frames and facades to car components, through furniture, vehicles for transporting people and any number of other applications.

The visitors were enthusiastic about the program and were surprised by the “housekeeeping” of the Company. “We were very well received by Hydro and knowing the extrusion process was very interesting, especially in a factory as organized as this one”, said mechanical engineering student Guilherme Freitas.

This was the first of many events to come, students and students thank the Norwegian Company for their initiative.

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