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Hydro opens definitive office in Belém

After months at provisional addresses, this week Hydro opened the doors of its new facilities.

"The office will be our 'home' in the capital of Pará and will help us to consolidate our relationship with the local society," said Andreia Reis, director of Institutional Relations in the area of Bauxite and Alumina.

The new space has 28 fixed places, available for the areas of institutional relations, communication, administration, operations, staffs, finance, auditing, mineral exploration, in addition to visitors from different units of the company around the world. There are also four meeting rooms, which can be made available to meet the needs of the operational areas, by prior appointment with secretary Michelle Campos ( michelle.campos@hydro. with ).

"The management of the office remains under the responsibility of Cesar Vasconcelos, with the administrative support of Michelle Campos. Feel free to contact them when they need to reserve a space for temporary work or meetings", points out Andreia Reis .

"Initially, 14 employees are assigned to the site, a number that should increase with the development of our activities", he adds.

  • Below, see the Belém office address:

    Hydro Belém
    Trav. Dom Romualdo de Seixas, 1476
    Ed. Evolution, 4th floor
    CEP: 66.055-200
    Belém, Pará

    +55 91 3222-6010
    + 55 91 3222-5955
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