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Hydro presents Powerhouse at Rio + 20

The energy efficiency of buildings through the use of aluminum and the Hydro Powerhouse project are on the agenda, when world leaders gather in Rio this week for a meeting where they will discuss how the world can generate social and economic development, leading taking into account the environment.

The executive vice president of Bauxita & amp; Alumina, Johnny Undeli, was invited to present the existing aluminum solutions for buildings during the “Rio + 20 Business Day”, as an example of how the metallurgical and mining industry can contribute to sustainable development in a low carbon economy.

“It is extremely inspiring to participate in such an important and well-renowned arena and to be able to show how Hydro and aluminum can be part of the solution to the greatest challenge of our generation, namely, climate change, ”Says Undeli in her presentation at Rio + 20 Business Day.

“Knowing that buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the world - almost double the consumption of ships, cars, trains and airplanes together - it is clear that there is a great potential for energy savings in buildings. It is important that industry and politicians work together to find technological solutions that contribute to sustainable growth. Our energy-efficient building work is a good example of this, ”said Undeli.

Undeli made his presentation at Rio + 20 Business Day, under the direction of Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 (BASD), the United Nations coordinating body for industry and trade at Rio + 20 .

Among the key players at BASD 2012 are the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Council on Mining and Metals, organizations that are well represented at Rio + 20 and to which Hydro is affiliated.

The goal of Rio + 20 is to create a renewed commitment to sustainable development, that is, a development that meets the needs of the current generation, without reducing the possibilities of future generations. The main questions are how to improve international coordination and how to create a sustainable green economy, while lifting people out of poverty.

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