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Hydro units among those that most buy from suppliers in Pará

Hydro units stood out during the delivery of the "Development Networks Award 2011", which took place last week, in Belém, Pará. The Award, an initiative of the Supplier Development Network of the Federation of Industries of the State of Pará (Networks / Fiepa), is an acknowledgment to the companies that most bought their products and services from local suppliers.

The CAP project in Barcarena was the big winner in the "Percentum" category, since 99.7% of the unit's purchases last year were made from local suppliers.

For Nilma Chaves, administrative, environmental and social manager at CAP, the award is the result of a work not only with supplier companies, but also with the community. "We prioritize purchases from local suppliers because we believe that this generates development for the region and, thus, we also encourage our suppliers to interact with the community, which also results in the generation of jobs in the municipality where we operate."

Another highlight of Hydro, also in the "Percentum" category, was Albras, which won third place, with 59.6% of purchases made from suppliers in Pará. Elena Brito, External Relations and Business Communication manager, and Cláudio Cunha, quality analyst, received the trophy from Albras.

"It is part of our role to prioritize local suppliers and we know that this is the best path for development," said the manager. She points out that the difficulty in finding suppliers that met Albras' needs is in the past. "The partnership with the Chains fell like a glove to overcome this phase and Albras has supported this initiative for 12 years", he stressed.

In the "Absolutes" category, Hydro Alunorte secured second place, with investments of more than R $ 237 million in purchases of local goods and services.

"It is important to remember that Hydro Alunorte is a pioneer in supporting the PDF (Supplier Development Program) and that it was renewed once again, now with Networks, continuing what we believe to be fundamental for the development of the State of Pará , valuing and investing in what is ours ", pointed out José Almério Mundim, senior Community Relations analyst, who received the award for the refinery.

For Jacy Reis, general supply manager at Hydro, the program for developing suppliers in Pará is a tool that comes to help create value for the state's production chain.

"The relationships between suppliers and customers, as well as the structuring of small and medium suppliers, through the professionalization of their activities, aim to bring fruit, either for client companies, through a better product at competitive prices; and for suppliers, by increasing their efficiency and improving management processes ", he explains.

"Hydro has a great interest in this program and supports it through its companies in the region. For the Supply area, actions like this are very important because they count on the involvement of large companies in favor of small ones, to develop and increase the local economy and insert the State into private development policies through its Industry and Commerce secretariats ", he concludes.

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