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Ten giant can collectors of the "Infinite Aluminum" project were installed in the vicinity of the Basilica, in Belém (PA). There are four in Arraial de Nazaré and six in Praça Santuário. Until October 28, anyone can take empty beverage cans and deposit in the collectors. Everything collected will be donated to 120 recyclable material collectors, Hydro's partners in the project. In addition to collaborating, leaving the city cleaner.
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The initiative, carried out in partnership with the board of directors of Círio de Nazaré, the largest event for the people of Pará, is one of the main external actions ever undertaken by company in the capital. Before, on October 6, the company installed, in the Pátio Belém and Castanheira malls, two stands to clarify more about Hydro, the presence of aluminum in the modern world and recycling. In these places, which can be visited until October 12, the public receives an aluminum can containing mango juice, produced especially for the project.

Also in the action of shopping malls, everything collected during the period will be destined to waste pickers, as a way to help generate income for these workers and their families.

“Being able to combine our product with the generation of income for the collectors who joined us in the project further increases the gains of the initiative. Each of them has a very important role for sustainability ”, says general manager Hydro Belém, Cesar.

Security technician Vanessa Conceição visited one of the stands with her daughter, Mariana, 7 years old. Then the girl made a point of returning to deliver a can for recycling. "I like to recycle," said the child. “Nowadays we have to be aware of conserving our environment. So, here, we see that a can is already a step for us to be aware and make children aware ”, added Vanessa. & Nbsp;

The actions to encourage recycling have been present, since the month of August, in the official programs of the great party of Pará, whose main procession always takes place on the second Sunday of October. They were also developed at fairs and festivals held in other municipalities in the state.

This Sunday, the 13th, the group of waste pickers will collect empty cans during the procession. They will be identified with the design shirt and cap. The material will also be used to generate income for waste pickers.

To see more photos of the various actions of the Infinite Aluminum project, just access Hydro's Facebook:

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