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Hydro seals partnership with the biggest event of the people of Pará

Representatives of the board of directors of Círio de Nazaré signed a contract that will take the Infinite Aluminum project to the official program of the party. Procession gathers more than 2 million people on the streets of Belém every year in October.

The project, which shows the infinite possibilities of metal, will take advantage of the Círio period to promote the recycling of aluminum and make the company more known among the people of Pará.

For the partnership, signed on September 19, during the 15 days of this year's festivity, large collectors of the Alumínio Infinito project will be installed at Praça Santuário and Arraial de Nazaré to receive the cans of drinks consumed by visitors, which will then be delivered to groups of collectors supported by Hydro, for later recycling. These collectors will also collect the cans along the entire route of the pilgrims.

Hydro signed the partnership, Institutional Relations director, Andreia Reis, and Hydro Belém general manager, Cesar Vasconcelos. For Círio, the formalization was made by the festival's coordinating director, Kleber Vieira. “I usually say that Círio is made by many hands. If it weren't for all these hands, for sure, Círio would not happen. And Hydro becomes one of those hands that help us put Círio on the street and bring together those 2 million people, on the second Sunday in October, ”said Kleber Vieira.

"We are putting Hydro and the things that are related to the company, our product and our history, linked to a very unique moment in Pará. So, in addition to making the company more known here, we have contributed to raise awareness of the population on recycling, sustainability and the role of aluminum. It is a very interesting marriage, joining what we are with the cultural, traditional reality of the land where we operate, "said general manager Hydro Belém, Cesar Vasconcelos.

The signing took place at Hydro's office in Belém, bringing together other members of the board of Círio and Hydro, including the director of B&O Operations, Alberto Fabrini.

Project - The actions of the Alumínio Infinito project started with Hydro's operations in Pará, with events held at Hydro Paragominas, Hydro Alunorte and Albras. The initiative will also develop actions involving employees of the offices, in Rio and Belém, in addition to a major action in two malls in the capital of Pará, in the week before the Círio.

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