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The 11th Pará Industry Fair (Fipa) was opened on the 22nd, at the Hangar Centro de Convencoes, in Belém, with 70 booths from companies in the state's productive sector. The event brings more than 100 exhibitors and many new features in terms of research, technological innovations and information on various industrial segments.

At the opening of the fair, Hydro's booth was one of the most visited. Called “Sustentoduto”, the space alludes to the shape of the world's first bauxite ore pipeline, responsible for transporting the ore between the mine in Paragominas and the company's refinery in Barcarena.

Inside the tunnel, visitors take a tour of the entire production process developed in Pará operations and learn more about the benefits of aluminum to society and its endless possibilities for recycling.

Among those who met “Sustentoduto” on the first day, highlight to the vice-governor of Pará, Helenilson Pontes, the special secretary of State for Economic Development and Production Incentive, Sidney Rosa, the mayor of Belém, Zenaldo Coutinho and that of Barcarena, Antônio Vilaça and the president of the Federation of Industries of Pará (Fiepa), José Conrado Santos.

“We are experiencing a special moment in the economy of Pará, with a very important importance for the industrial sector, especially the mineral. Pará exports a lot of raw ore, but there is also something interesting in the aluminum chain, for example, that Hydro does in Paragominas, in the bauxite mine, with Alunorte making the alumina and, immediately, beside it, Albras producing the aluminum ingot. The initiative of the State government with a company like Hydro is in the sense of adding value to our natural resource, generating jobs, income and giving special opportunities to our youth who are getting ready ”, said Secretary Sidney Rosa.

The director of Institutional Relations at Hydro, Andreia Reis, highlights that, for the company, it is essential to participate in Fipa, which represents the strength of industries in the state of Pará. “We built an interactive stand so that people feel closer to a company that is present in their daily lives, because if we do a brief analysis, we will realize that aluminum is present in all stages of everyday life ”, highlights the director of Institutional Relations at Hydro, Andreia Reis.

Attractions - Until May 25, when the event ends, whoever visits Hydro's stand in Fipa will find employees of Hydro companies in Pará (Hydro Paragominas, Hydro Alunorte and Albras) inside the “Sustentoduto” giving technical information and taking questions from the participants regarding the process of each unit. The space is also interactive, with iPads and televisions containing vast content about the company.

Outside, already at the back of the stand, anyone can also interact with a setting where it is possible to take photos as the visitor was inside aluminum cans. Whoever went there on the first day, approved. “It was the first time that I heard about Hydro. I really liked the stand, I thought it was a very good idea to put us ‘inside the canister’ because that makes the souvenir photo too, ”said Evenilton Max, an electrical engineer.

“I still didn't know Hydro's booth, I had seen something about the company on television and on the social network, but now I had a better idea of how the company works. I could see that there is a lot of technology involved, a lot of quality control. Behind this, I also realized that there is a concern with sustainability and social projects linked to Hydro's work ”, concluded Cezar Ramos, event coordinator.

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