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Anyone who wants to get to know the culture of Pará better has an appointment with Imperatriz Leopoldinense, at dawn on Monday, 11. This year, the samba-plot of the school of the special group in Rio de Janeiro, will have the theme “ Pará - The Muiraquitã do Brasil ”.

On the avenue, the culture of Pará will be portrayed in its smallest details. And soon in the open-wing car there will be the presence of aluminum, used to make the Imperian Crown, the school's greatest symbol. The crown was made by artisan Shangai Fernandes. It will be the first time that it will cease to be made of feathers and sequins and will become all aluminum.

André Bonate, cultural vice president of Escola Imperatriz Leopoldinense, points out that aluminum was chosen for the car opens wings for a few reasons. “In addition to Pará being one of the largest producers of aluminum and other natural resources, the material was chosen to make an allusion that muiraquitã is a precious jewel and nothing better than a natural and valuable product from the region to represent this amulet from lucky that muiraquitã is, ”he added.

According to the artisan, Shangai Fernandes, aluminum will have an incomparable effect on Sapucaí. The play of light that will form will hold the audience's attention.

In order to mount the crown and 12 more horses made of aluminum between the leaves of a forest, Shanghai had to use two thousand cubic meters of aluminum. The opening of the Empress will represent Pará in its beginning and the influence of the Indian in the State.

It took 30,000 rivets to hold the metal together, plus 2,000 sheets for the forest and 3,600 aluminum scales on the crown to make the open-wing car, which will be the great differentiator, since the plates have cutouts with more details, as if they were lace.

Aluminum production increasingly strong in the state

According to the director of Institutional Relations in the area of Bauxite & amp; Hydro's Alumina, Andreia Reis, the Rio samba school representing aluminum in one of the most important wings “is a recognition of the importance of this product for the people of Pará and of the capacity that the State had to become one of the main poles in the world in production of that metal. The aluminum chain, led by companies in the Hydro group, represents a large part of the state's GDP and also represents development, modernity and a sustainable future for the entire planet ”, he says.

Process - Pará has this entire production chain with Hydro, a company with over a hundred years of history. In the state, Hydro has a bauxite mine, a raw material for the production of aluminum. The Hydro Alunorte refinery, located in the municipality of Barcarena, where bauxite is mixed and pumped into high pressure containers. Other processes are carried out until a white sugar-like powder called alumina remains. Finally, this material arrives at Albras-Alumínio Brasileiro S.A, a producer of primary aluminum, also located in the municipality of Barcarena and which completes one of the main productive chains in Pará, producing aluminum in the form of ingots.

Aluminum, in addition to being fundamental to the economy of Pará, can be recycled endlessly without losing its properties. It is one of the most prized natural wealth in the world. Recent studies have shown that there is up to 95% of aluminum content in vehicles and 93% in buildings, not to mention new and modern technological products and as useful as cell phones, iPeds, tablets and others.

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