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The video was recorded recently, in Rio de Janeiro, with the singer Adelén, who is only 17 years old and is half Spanish - half Norwegian. Eight students from the Alunorte Rain Forest team, from Hydro Alunorte's “Bola pra Frente, Educação para Gente” project, accompanied by their coach, Alberto Muller, traveled from Belém to Rio to participate in the recordings.


With Adelén's contribution on the disc dedicated to the World Cup, Hydro has the opportunity to show the social program that works to provide a better future for young students in Pará, a state in which Hydro has considerable aluminum operations.

For Hanne Haugen, responsible for brand management at Hydro, this is an excellent opportunity to establish contact with the younger generation. “By participating in the biggest sporting event on the planet, we have the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience. The intention is to draw attention to aluminum and metal recycling and, at the same time, to our cooperation aimed at improving the living conditions of young people in Belém”, says Haugen.

The name behind the video "Olé" is Ray Kay, a producer recognized, among other things, for his work with Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber.

Contest on Norwegian Instagram

Hydro will also give a Norwegian resident the chance to travel to Rio de Janeiro, with a companion, thanks to a campaign in partnership with Oslo radio, NRJ. On June 10th, the company will launch a contest on Instagram, where visitors will be able to record dribbles using an aluminum can. The winner will be able to travel to Brazil with a friend to see the quarterfinals at the World Cup. Recycling elements included in the video will give you the possibility to earn extra points.

“We hope to see spectacular dribbles and we are certain that the contest will help promote Hydro and aluminum”, concludes Haugen.

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