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After being in the care and maintenance phase since 2012, the decision to permanently close the aluminum plant in Kurri Kurri allows for remediation and gives the possibility to develop the installation in another way to progress.

The decision to stop production at Kurri Kurri, which took place in 2012, was based on the general situation of the aluminum market at the time, which exhibited a weak macroeconomic environment, low prices for metals, uncertain market prospects and a & nbsp; Australian dollar (AUD) strong against the US dollar (USD).

Hydro had been evaluating and preparing for a possible closure, making different plans for the future of the installation, which ultimately resulted in the decision to permanently close it. The plans made will be developed further in consultation with the local community and other interested parties.

“We are committed to maintaining a good relationship with stakeholders and the local community, understanding their views, values and concerns and keeping them informed and involved in all phases of the project,” said Hilde Merete Aasheim, executive vice president of the Primary Metal business area.

Closing costs are expected to be covered by the sale of land and equipment.

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