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"In search of lighter vehicles and lower CO2 emissions, automotive producers are looking for innovative aluminum solutions. That is why we have increased our plate production capacity for premium bodies, "says Oliver Bell, executive vice president of the Rolled Products business area.

The new line, which has an estimated cost of 130 million euros, follows the recent decision to expand the heat treatment capacity from 20 to 50 thousand metric tons per year.

The expansion will include surface and thermal treatment lines and is part of a flexible plant concept and innovative processes at Hydro's Grevenbroich plant.

The combination of newly developed high-performance aluminum alloys and top-quality surfaces gives the products exceptional molding possibilities. The sheets of the new production line will be used in the manufacture of automotive components, including hoods, doors, tailgate and side doors.

"With this substantial investment, we are implementing our strategy of meeting the growth of the automotive market and, at the same time, diversifying our product portfolio. We are strengthening our position in the European automotive market and, as the largest producer of products flat rolled products in Europe, we are consolidating our factory in Grevenbroich as the industrial center for advanced laminated products ", says Bell.

The new production line will be completed in the second half of 2016. The investment cost will be spread over the 2014-2016 period and will not change Hydro's investment estimate for 2014.

FACTORY: The laminated products factory in Grevenbroich seen from south to north, with the production center at the front. (Photo: Berkant Yerli)

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