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The month of June marks the launch of the documentary “Heróis do Clima”, a paraense production that portrays the reality of recyclable material collectors in Pará, their difficulties and perspectives for the future. The documentary is one of the actions of the “Alumínio Infinito” project, developed by Hydro, which promotes sustainability and encourages the culture of recycling.

The film, a short film, was directed by Paraense filmmaker Fernando Segtowick, whose curriculum includes national awards from the film festivals of Brasília (2010), for the short film “Matinta” and Recife (2014), for the documentary “In the Faith Movement”.

“This documentary is a gift that I received from Hydro, through the Aluminum Infinite project. With it, I discovered a new world - the world of waste pickers. I got to know their search for dignity, because they are recognized as the professionals they are, ”said Segtowick. “They play such an important role that we don't see them, they are still very invisible to society. So, I hope that this documentary can give this visibility. I know it is just a film, but it is a seed in search of this recognition of the very important role of waste pickers ”, he added.

The debut session was held on May 7, National Day of Waste Pickers, and gathered a large number of waste pickers in one of the main cinemas in Belém (PA). Among them, Benedita Sanches, better known as “Bena”, who has been practicing this profession for ten years. “I thought the film was wonderful because it spoke a lot about the environment and today we help the environment a lot. What many think is garbage, for us it is not garbage but raw material. It is from there that we make a living for our entire family. So, I felt recognized, but I hope it will be even more. ”

Marcelo Rocha, president of the Recicla Pará chain, thanked the partnership that gave rise to the film. “It is a great gift for the collector to see the work recognized by society. This brings a very good perspective for us. From now on, this documentary will shoot in Brazil, in Latin America, in several other places and make it possible for us to show a little of our reality here ”, he guaranteed.

Aluminum Infinite Project encourages sustainability

The Bauxite & amp; Hydro's Alumina, Cesar Vasconcelos, highlights the importance of the documentary among the actions already developed by the Alumínio Infinito project, launched by the company in 2013. & nbsp; “We are very happy that & nbsp; Hydro is collaborating with something so important, which is recycling, not only of aluminum, which is our product, but of other materials. And also to see that the work of the collectors is being better known and this will have a very important effect for all of us in the state ”, he stressed.

The schedule for the launch of the documentary Heróis do Clima in the capital of Pará was on June 7 and 8, at 10:30 am and 11:30 am, on Cinépolis Boulevard. And on the 13th and 15th of the same month, at Cine Olympia, at 16:30. Previously, the film was shown to company employees at state units.

See more photos of the documentary sessions on Hydro's Facebook:

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