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The largest aluminum trade fair in Latin America will be held from April 1 to 3, at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes.

At Hydro's booth at Expoalumin, giant structures in the shape of metal cans, will show, in an interactive way, the company's main businesses in Brazil, based in the state of Pará. “In Pará, Hydro is responsible for verticalization from bauxite, from ore mining, at Hydro Paragominas, through the refining of alumina, at the largest refinery in the world, Hydro Alunorte, to the production of primary metal, at Albras, both in Barcarena, in the northeast of the state ”, explains Andreia Reis, director of Institutional Relations and Communication at Hydro.

Following this concept, the company takes for the first time to the city of São Paulo the campaign "Infinite Aluminum - Forever", which highlights the qualities of aluminum, its infinite possibilities for renovation and use and, also, its role for construction for a better future. “It is the first time that we will present this communication platform, this stand. We are making our debut at Expoalumin as an integrated company and we want to show the importance of Brazil for our business, since this is where we concentrate 35 percent of our employees ”, says Andreia.

During the event, which should receive more than 15 thousand visitors, aluminum cans containing mango juice will also be distributed, a traditional fruit from the state of Pará, whose capital, Belém, is known as “Cidade das Mangueiras”. “People live with aluminum naturally, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, but we believe that one of the main objects that brings us closer to the public is cans, so we are going to distribute them and make the public aware of the importance of metal for the construction of a more viable future ”, explains Andreia, completing with the information that, to recycle a can, only 5% of the energy originally used in its production is needed.

About the event - Expoalumin is one of the largest aluminum business fairs in the world and brings together the entire metal production chain. Held every two years, in São Paulo, the event has more than 170 national and international brands that present the innovations and technological developments in the sector.

Simultaneously with the exhibition, the International Aluminum Congress and the International Aluminum Recycling Seminar take place.

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