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In May of this year, Mel Gibson, aged 17, left his hometown of Barcarena, in Northern Brazil, for the first time to travel to Rio de Janeiro, where he participated in the music video 'Olé!', by the Norwegian singer Adelén. Adelén's song for the World Cup has already been highlighted worldwide, and Mel Gibson himself went to Oslo to participate in the Norwegian Cup.

Gibson plays for Hydro's football team, Alunorte Rain Forest (ARF), which is part of the local educational program "Ball Forward, Education for People", which Hydro sponsors in cooperation with the city of Barcarena. The program has an important role for the region, which is affected by a high level of school dropout.

Mel Gibson says the program pushes him to try harder at school.

“My grades improved. The program taught me many things – both in sports and in my personal life. I learned to listen, to be more confident and to focus on my dreams.”

Gibson and his teammates went through a rigorous selection process until arriving in Oslo in July. To be part of the Alunorte Rain Forest team, players must demonstrate not only skills on the football field, but also good behavior and good academic performance.

“I worked hard and tried to join the team for three years. After a lot of enthusiasm and effort, I finally made it,” says Gibson.

Although football is one of his main interests, Gibson is focused on school and studies.

“I would like to study mechanical engineering. Like everything in life, if you want something, you have to try and never give up. That's how you get the reward.”

On the last 26th of July, Mel Gibson returned to the stage with Adelén - this time for the opening of the Norwegian Cup.

Video about the production of the video for “Olé”:

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