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"We are delighted that Brandtzæg has decided to remain the executive chairman of Hydro," said Dag Mejdell, chairman of Hydro's Board of Directors. "Brandtzæg led the company energetically and robustly, making Hydro a world leader in aluminum. The Board of Directors remains confident that Brandtzæg is the best chairman Hydro could have to guide the company into the future." < / p>

After Brandtzæg notified the Board in July that he would resign from Hydro to become executive chairman of the Norwegian fertilizer company, Yara International ASA, the Board asked Brandtzæg to reconsider his decision. Finally, Brandtzæg decided to withdraw his resignation and remain CEO of Hydro. His decision was well accepted and very welcome by the Council.

"I concluded that the most rewarding and exciting challenges are precisely at Hydro. The company's commercial and operational position, together with the best workforce in the industry, brings promising opportunities for the future and I want to be part of them," he said. Brandtzæg. "My place is at Hydro and aluminum remains my first choice."

Brandtzæg joined Hydro in 1986, occupying several positions over the years, including executive vice president and director of Produtos de Alumínio, director of Produtos Laminados, Produtos de Metal and Magnésio. Brandtzæg took over as executive chairman of Hydro in March 2009.

The terms and conditions for Brandtzæg's position remain unchanged.

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