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For the employees, the band's concerts were a gift in celebration of Hydro's 110 years of operation, Albras' 30 years and Hydro Alunorte's 20 years, which together with Hydro Paragominas are one of the greatest examples of verticalization of the state.

Many arrived at the stadium  Arena Verde well before the gates opened to guarantee their place in front of the stage. “I work at the mine, I live in Belém, and I came here to see them. I'm a fan! And I hope the company will repeat this type of action”, says Edna Pinheiro, Hydro's operational analyst.

The euphoria was total among fans who participated in the exchange of school kits for tickets, an action that will benefit social initiatives and institutions that work to improve education in the state. The first in line was Glauce Aquino, only 19 years old, but who declared himself a number one fan of a-ha and was in the place since 7 am. “This is my life's dream come true. I have listened since I was little and never imagined that I would be able to see them here in Pará ”, says the International Relations student who came from Belém and was unable to watch them live at Rock in Rio, in September.

Before calling the band on stage, Hydro's executive vice president of Bauxite and Alumina, Alberto Fabrini, spoke of the company's greatness in the state: “It is in Pará that Hydro has the largest number of employees in the world. I couldn't feel anything less than proud to provide this moment to the residents of that state that welcomed us. ”

The state governor, Simão Jatene, also enjoyed the show. “I am grateful to Hydro for opening this show to the entire society of Pará, and it shows something fundamental, which is the desire to integrate. I leave this message for all Hydro employees, in the bosom of every paraense a winning heart does beat, you are winners. ”

And whoever was waiting for the big hits was not disappointed. The show featured a-ha's biggest hits, such as “Crying In The Rain”, “The Sun Always Shines On T.V” and the classic dance song “Take On Me”, chosen to end the party. This was the song most expected by most fans, like Mariano Júnior, who came from the city of Capanema, in the northeast region of the state, with his wife and another couple of friends: “What I felt is ineffable. There really is no way to explain it, I will remember this show forever. ”


Lead singer Morten Harket ended the band's tour of Pará with a visit to Hydro's bauxite mine, in the municipality of Paragominas, where he planted a Brazilian Mahogany seedling (Swietenia macrophylla King) in the company's reforestation area, on Sunday (04). The company has the goal of balancing 1 hectare of reforested area for each hectare of mined area until 2017. The company's rehabilitation work has already recovered 1,400 hectares since 2009.

Sílvio Porto, director of Hydro's Bauxite and Alumina operations, highlighted the band's relationship with the company: “a-ha, as Hydro is a group that is also renewing itself, is a group that has been renewing itself for 30 years and have important social and environmental values environment". The group is recognized for its commitment to important topics such as reforestation, recycling and citizenship.

Harket had the collaboration of children from the Caseca social project, an initiative supported by Hydro in the municipality and which helps the learning of more than a thousand children and teenagers. Each one also planted his seedling, as the student Bruna Duarte, 13: “I was happy to participate in an opportunity like this, where I am contributing to the reforestation of our region”.

Barcarena was the first city to host the show

On Thursday night, 1st, the city of Barcarena (PA) hosted the long-awaited show of a-ha. For an hour and a half the audience vibrated to the sound of the band's thirty years of success.

Employees and guests packed the venue and looked forward to the band. "I thought this was an incredible opportunity that Hydro provided to share this moment with my co-workers and an honor to watch the show of an international band like a-ha," said Supply Assistant Talita Menezes.

Magne -  On the 2nd, before leaving the municipality, a-ha's keyboardist, Magne Furuholmen, held an artistic workshop at Horto Botânico da Albras, primary aluminum factory from the company, with the collaboration of 10 students from the municipal education network that are part of the Educação pra Gente program, developed by Hydro Alunorte.

During the workshop, Magne taught word recording techniques in large blocks clay and left the children free to create their own sculptures.

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