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The distribution of school kits in schools in the municipality of Barcarena, in the northeastern region of Pará, was held for four days, involving 15 schools, the majority participating in Hydro Alunorte's Educação Pra Gente program, which encourages and educates through sport and citizenship.

For the director of the Santa Sofia school, Marilene Rodrigues, the action carried out by Hydro meant much more than a donation of material goods. “The delivery of these kits means a change in life and behavior, as this is what we have observed in the program. These school supplies are a form of incentive for children, and that makes us very happy for them, ”he said.

Natália Brito, chosen by the program as a Featured Student 2015, was one of the beneficiaries. “I am happy because my parents will no longer have this expense for next year. It was a great Christmas present, "he said.

Actions reinforce corporate volunteering

In the municipality of Paragominas, school kits were delivered to students served by the city's socio-educational institutions & nbsp; and communities along the company's bauxite pipeline.

In the Menino Feliz Project, Hydro volunteers were awarded a song sung by the entity's choir. In the Juquinha project, which caters to children with special needs, emotion overwhelmed everyone, overcoming children and their families in the face of difficulties. "This material will help these families a lot, and within our work it will help in the development, speech therapy and rehabilitation areas, as children also leave the project literate", said Rosa Maria Pires de Sousa, Methodology coordinator of the entity.

“It was very exciting. I had already participated in other voluntary actions, but this moved me even more because I saw children who really needed this incentive. It was every happy face that there was no one who was not touched ”, reported volunteer Djana Maria Soares, Quality analyst at Hydro Paragominas.

The joy of a future teacher

One of the children most excited about the gift was Ingrid Nascimento & nbsp; 8 years old, who participates in the Casequinha project and dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. “I thought this project was very good. I really liked my backpack, I'm going to bring it to school and study a lot ”, he said.

Ilhas - At the beginning of the month (03), on the first day of actions of the Natal D´Água Project, carried out by & nbsp; Center for Articulation and Citizenship of the State of Pará, Hydro participated with the donation of school kits, benefiting students from communities in the region of the islands of Belém. & Nbsp;

The company is delivering the school kits exchanged for tickets to the a-ha band's concerts, held in Barcarena and Paragominas, which marked the 110th anniversary of the aluminum company, the 30th anniversary of Albras, the 20th anniversary of Hydro Alunorte and Hydro Paragominas' 8 years.

In all, more than 9,000 kits will be delivered by January 2016 to students served by projects, initiatives and institutions that work to improve education in several municipalities in the State, including the Metropolitan Region of Belém and Ilha do Marajó, in addition to Barcarena and Paragominas, where Hydro's units are located.

See more photos of kit deliveries on Hydro's Hydro's Facebook on Brazil .

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