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Hydro encompasses enormous diversity in terms of education, experience, gender, age and cultural background. Diversity, in itself, is a fundamental resource - also when it comes to innovation.

In 2015, 13.5% of Grevenbroich's apprentices were women. From February 1st of next year, this share will be 15.5%.

One of the employees, Lene Krause, completed the apprenticeship program (vocational training) 2 and a half years ago, and has only positive words to describe her experience as a woman at the factory.

"Of course, at the beginning, it was very strange to work in a male-dominated environment, but I only have positive reports to make. Working in this profession does not require - contrary to popular belief - that much physical strength. What is needed are skills, knowledge and quick thinking. I would also like to mention that here you will find everything you need to fulfill a good professional training program, "says Krause.

Hydro places a high value on training and diversity in the workplace, which is why it has established several training programs aimed at recruiting women. One of the new programs was launched in the spring of 2015, in which young people between 15 and 16 years old accompanied a maid for 4 days to gain experience in different technical areas.

Vocational training for apprentices in Germany is a "mixed system", in which apprentices gain experience in their own work, as a central element of training, acquiring students knowledge and experience through the "learning by doing" method.

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