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End of extended maintenance at Hydro Paragominas

The ball mill at Hydro's bauxite mine in Paragominas, Pará, which was under planned maintenance since the beginning of March 2015, has now returned to activity. As a result, Hydro Paragominas has completely resumed production.

The mine normally operates with two ball mills. With the stoppage of one of them for maintenance, production in Paragominas was restricted to 50% of the capacity since the beginning of last month.
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As it had prepared for this maintenance period, the alumina refinery Hydro Alunorte was operating with a sufficient inventory level to cover the planned deadline. With the additional supply of the bauxite mine at Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN), the refinery's production remained unchanged throughout the maintenance period.
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Hydro Paragominas has a nominal capacity of 9.9 million tons. Hydro Alunorte's nominal capacity is 6.3 million tons, making it the largest alumina refinery in the world.

Both plants are located in the state of Pará, in the northern region of Brazil.

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