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The publication presents the ranking with the best performing companies in Brazil. The recognition was announced during the award event in São Paulo (SP), on the last day 29/09, which was attended by the Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles and the Governor of the State of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin.

“Representing all the employees who work at Albras is proud to participate in this award. It is a nationwide communication vehicle that highlights Albras' contribution within Brazilian society, not only in Pará. It also recognizes the effect of our work on the national economy and the great history of Albras within Brazil over 30 years. of achievements. In addition, it reinforces Albras' position as a great producer of quality and adding value within Brazilian society ”, declared Og Bernadi, CEO of Albras.

He also highlighted the support of shareholders in this achievement. "Our shareholders are responsible for the continuity of investments in the factory, especially when it comes to the current economic scenario in the aluminum market and the country," he emphasized.


The yearbook evaluated 1,500 companies in 22 sectors of the economy, in a study carried out by Estadão in partnership with the Fundação Instituto de Administração - FIA; with BoaVista Serviços and technical support from the Broadcast agency.

The result is not only the ranking of the largest companies in Brazil, but also those that most impact their sectors. In the Metallurgy and Steel category, the three winners were Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração - CBMM, ArcelorMittal and Albras.

“It is important for a company that produces an industrial good such as aluminum to be in this ranking. It is essential that we have a healthy production chain in Brazil and this starts with primary aluminum being done in a sustainable manner, both from the point of view of environmental impacts as well as financial results. This is the answer that Albras presents to society, ”said Milton Rego, executive president of the Brazilian Aluminum Association - ABAL, present at the award ceremony.

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