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Annual Report 2015: generating more value with Better, Bigger, Greener

“It is a great satisfaction to inform that the work of continuous improvement at Hydro in 2015 continued regardless of the conjuncture and with unchanged intensity, generating results that are benchmarks in the industry and improving our ability to keep the course planned”, writes President and CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg in Hydro's Annual Report for 2015.

“The world around us has taken another significant and abrupt turnaround - again. A year ago, the situation was scarcity of supply and record prices for premium products. Today, China's oversupply and rising exports have pushed prices to their lowest levels in the past six years, ”he continues.

“However, there is nothing wrong with the demand for our products. Light, malleable, resistant to corrosion and infinitely recyclable, aluminum is increasingly used in new applications and the demand continues to grow gradually ”, he concludes.

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