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In Barcarena, Pará, a program that combines football and education proved to be decisive in efforts to combat absenteeism and school dropout. Since 2001, Hydro has cooperated with the municipality of Barcarena to motivate young people to do well in school, through educational activities, and the icing on the cake is to give them the chance to travel to Oslo and participate in the Norwegian Cup. < / p>

Since 2001, more than 14,000 young people have been part of the educational program. This year's teams mark the 15th consecutive participation of Hydro-sponsored teams in the tournament.

Over the years, thousands of young people have intensified their efforts at school in order to have a chance to be part of the Alunorte Rain Forest team. Students who try to join the team not only need to have good soccer skills, but also demonstrate good behavior and performance in school. This year, players from 15 participating schools across Barcarena were selected.

Carlos Neves, industrial director of Hydro Alunorte, says that the program has been able to change the lives of many young people. "We believe that sport is fully aligned with education, because through it, we can transform lives and dreams into reality, ensuring better discipline and better performance at school," said Neves.

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