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Hydro won the national Aberje Integrated Communication award for actions involving the first coming of the Norwegian band a-ha to Pará, in 2015. Awarded by the Brazilian Business Communication Association (Aberje), the award has been held for over 40 years years and recognizes the best practices of Brazilian business communication.

The award was received by the director of Government Relations and Communication at Hydro, Anderson Baranov, and by the Communication coordinator, Renata Freitas, during a ceremony held in São Paulo. “The award proves that communication has no borders or barriers. It was undoubtedly one of the most challenging projects that I was able to witness and that was only possible thanks to teamwork, since it brought together all areas of the company and had the unconditional support of everyone. It is a great honor to receive this national recognition on behalf of all Hydro employees, ”says Anderson.

"These activities are part of a long-term strategy to strengthen enthusiasm and pride internally, while increasing external awareness and understanding about Hydro, our activities and the long-term commitment to Pará. we are having success. Proven by this award, but also through results in reputation surveys following these activities, where we see a significant increase in awareness of Hydro among people in Pará ", says Inger Sethov, executive vice president of Communication and Government Relations.

a-ha in Pará

Held in October 2015, the initiatives awarded by Aberje united the a-ha band shows in the cities of Barcarena and Paragominas, the distribution of school kits collected in exchange for tickets, the artistic-social project with children from Barcarena and planting seedlings in Hydro's reforestation area in Paragominas.

The action celebrated a historic moment for Hydro - the 110 years of the company, the 30 years of Albras and the 20 years of Hydro Alunorte - and mobilized the society of Pará, reinforcing the position Para Semper, which means the company's commitment to stay in the state. Altogether, there were almost 30 thousand people in the two shows, more than 9 thousand children benefited by the school kits collected, more than one million people reached on the company's social media and almost 200 insertions in the media.

The Aberje Prize

Voted the most important sectorial award by the communication directors of the main companies in the country in the 2013 Map of Brazilian Communication survey, the Aberje Award recognizes the best practices of Brazilian business communication, marking the trajectory of professionals and their organizations as protagonists of the continuous improving business narratives.

The history of the Award begins with the 1st Meeting of Newspaper Editors and Company Magazines, held simultaneously with the 1st Exhibition of Newspapers and Company Magazines on October 8, 1967, in the city of São Paulo. 80 editors from 54 publications participated. Since then, the award has collaborated with the growth of Brazilian business communication, with the presentation of inspiring cases.

Aberje is a professional and scientific non-profit organization whose main objective is to strengthen communication in companies and institutions and dignify the role of the communicator. Founded in 1967, it unites tradition and the constant search for innovation and improvement in the various areas of Communication. His work goes beyond the limits of the Brazilian territory with relationship and exchange projects with countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

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