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Hydro scores even better on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Once again, Hydro's score was high in the latest Global Dow Jones Sustainability Index, internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious indexes in the area of sustainability.

Hydro's score was 100% in the Payment Transparency and Environmental Report category and over 90% in the Materiality, Risk and Crisis Management categories; Code of Conduct / Compliance / Corruption and Bribery; Water-related risks; Social Report; Stakeholder Management and Social Impacts on Communities.

β€œIt is also important to highlight that the items in which we showed the most significant improvement were Attraction and Retention of Talents, Indicators of Labor Practices and Human Rights, Social Impact on Communities, Social Reports and Tax Strategies,” said Kirsten Margrethe Hovi, responsible for Extra-Financial Reports.

Hydro's score has improved in the three main categories: Economy (Governance), Environment and Social Issues. In the Economy and Social Issues categories, Hydro is the industrial leader.

Last year, Hydro had not been included in the global index, remaining listed only in the European index, the DJSI Europa, but as part of the Dow Jones sustainability indexes. Hydro has been part of this series of indices since its launch in 1999.

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