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The importance of aluminum made by people in the state of Pará will be presented by Hydro to participants in one of the largest events in the sector in the world: the International Aluminum Exhibition (ExpoAlumin), which will take place from June 7 to 9, in São Paulo Paulo.

The event brings together more than 170 national and international exhibitors and should receive more than 12 thousand visitors, who will find at the Hydro booth the confirmation that it is possible to produce the metal of the future in a sustainable manner, combining industrial tradition and innovation, quality and responsibility.

The company, of Norwegian origin, has its main assets in Pará and also has the bold goal of being carbon neutral by 2020. In addition, at its bauxite mine located in Paragominas, in the same state, it works hard to ensure, in the future, 1 hectare of reforested area for every 1 hectare of plowed area.

“We are proud to be in Pará and have a long-term relationship with this state. That is where most of our employees are and that is where we want to continue investing forever. So, let's show the participants of this fair how much Pará contributes to the aluminum sector ”, says Alberto Fabrini Jr, executive vice president, responsible for the Bauxita & amp; Alumina.

About the event - & nbsp; ExpoAluminum is an event held every two years, which brings together professionals from the entire metal production chain and also from its consuming sectors, such as packaging, civil construction, consumer goods and others.

During the program, the 7th International Aluminum Congress will take place, with the participation of professionals from Brazilian and worldwide industry, highlighting technological innovations in aluminum production and its applications.

The event will be held by the Brazilian Aluminum Association (Abal), at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & amp; Convention Center. For more information about the event, visit: & nbsp;

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