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The report was launched at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), in cooperation with the UN organization Global Compact , while world leaders were on their way to the metropolis for meetings annual meetings of the UN General Assembly.

“There is still time to change course”, states the report and highlights 17 global companies that are taking extraordinary measures to achieve each of the sustainability goals. Among the companies mentioned are Hydro and the pilot project in Karmoy, which aims to verify the most energy-efficient aluminum production technology in terms of energy and climate worldwide.

“In most areas, there are companies with technology, human capital and ways of working that represent a potential for change for the whole world. The challenge, therefore, is not "the best", but to ensure the dissemination of new proposed and tested solutions, in order to make the best solutions a common good, "said DNV-GL Executive President Remi Eriksen, during the launch .

The main message of the report, which was called “Future of the Earth spacecraft, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - on the business frontier” is that, at this moment, the challenges are so great that they require extraordinary actions, if we want to achieve global goals, but that Industry and Commerce have a spectacular starting point to make the necessary major changes ”.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, leader of the UN Sustainability Goals Promotion Group, says that “the report highlights the decisive contributions that Industry and Commerce can - and should - put in place to achieve the goals by 2030 and presents 17 inspiring examples ”.

The president and CEO of Hydro, Svein Richard Brandtzæg, is in agreement with what has been said and considers sustainability part of Hydro's raison d'être and the key to the company's competitiveness in the future. "The doors will close for those who remain part of the problem, but will open for those who are part of the solution", comments Brandtzæg, in an interview in the report.

Hydro and Brandtzæg are mentioned in the report as a good example of how to achieve the ninth sustainability objective - innovation and infrastructure. “Finding new ways to produce and consume in a sustainable way does not hinder development and growth. On the contrary, finding, developing and implementing new solutions that allow production and consumption to be within acceptable parameters will be the new benchmark for industrial advancement ”, says Brandtzæg, adding that companies that wish to have a promising future ahead they will have to consider responsible management as an investment and not an expense. ”

The sustainability objectives comprise a series of goals with the purpose of eradicating poverty, protecting planet Earth and ensuring the well-being of all. Although Hydro is affected to a greater or lesser extent by the objectives, the company sees that most of them are relevant to its business and already include in its reports a range of indicators used to measure the UN's sustainability objectives.

For more information, see the links to the DNV-GL report, Hydro's statement on the UN's sustainability objectives and a general table on how Hydro's activities influence and contribute to the objectives and how the company reports your activities in relation to these.

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