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Video: We are proud of aluminum - Hydro aluminum

By controlling every step of the value chain, our customers know that Hydro aluminum is produced according to the company's values. This video illustrates this Hydro advantage.

People make choices - they care about their families, the future, the planet. Hydro aluminum is produced in a value chain that, from bauxite mining to finished aluminum, is in line with the company's values, to satisfy the expectations of the people who buy our products.

This advantage is achieved by controlling our products at every step of production and having an integral value chain.

It all starts with hydroelectric energy in Norway, which is the source of much of the energy we use to produce aluminum, then going through our unique smelting technology - which produces more aluminum with the energy used and culminating in reducing emissions that cause climate change.

Thanks to the fact that we are an integral aluminum company, we are in a unique position of control and accountability for the use of energy and emissions in our processes.

And finally, when products complete their life cycle, aluminum can be recycled again - endlessly.

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