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As the visual concept of the London Aquatic Center was inspired by the idea of moving water, there was no better solution than using aluminum for its light and curved roof and slotted wall panels.

And why is aluminum perfect for modern architecture? Because it is versatile, long-lasting, light and malleable.

Hydro's plants in Holmestrand and Karmoy, Norway, supplied 110 tonnes of aluminum for the roof surface and the center structure.

The London Aquatic Center, however, is not only distinguished by its peculiar architecture. Today, the center is an energetic and accessible meeting place for the whole community and, annually, approximately eight hundred thousand people enjoy the center with their families and friends.

The solution

Suspended on three concrete platforms, the 12,000 square meter roof is one and a half times larger than the football field at Wembley Stadium. Its 80 meters wide houses individual panels up to 160 meters long. The center includes two 50-meter swimming pools and a 25-meter diving tank, which contains more than 10 million liters of water surrounded by 180,000 tiles.

Hydro also supplied 40 tons of 3005 stucco alloy coils 3005 in H 27 hardened to the roof surface, brought from the Holmestrand plant, and, for the center structure, 70 tons of 3003 H16 coils from the rolling mill in Karmoy.

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