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The Director of Government Relations and Communication, Anderson Baranov, was present at the event and told about the path taken until this recognition.

“Talking about this award is not just talking about the commercial itself, which is already a big deal. But this is a 360 campaign that culminated in a TV commercial. In 2015, we had the audacity to take a-ha to the Amazon, for two shows in the cities where we have operations, in the state of Pará: Barcarena and Paragominas. The commercial, a year later, was the ‘apotheosis’ of this winning campaign, which introduced our company and portrayed Pará and its culture, its people, our exchange with Norway, which is our origin. I always joke that we are an originally Norwegian company, but proudly from Pará and that is what we wanted to show ”, he declared.

Successful case - Launched in 2011, the Best Commercial in Brazil award is an award that seeks to highlight the most creative and commented commercial of each year. The objective is to value the work of agencies and advertisers who are betting on good ideas, making commercial breaks interesting and relevant to the public.

This is the second time that Hydro is recognized as a result of the largest communication campaign ever carried out by the company in Brazil. At the end of last year, the company also won the Brazilian Business Communication Association - Aberje, award for Best Integrated Communication in the country.

“We know that many companies spend a lot of effort in preparing their campaigns, but winning a process as dense as it is is the privilege of a few. I feel that it is the crowning and recognition of a great team work that involved competent, dedicated professionals who believed in the success of communication as a strategic tool for a company in the aluminum sector ”, concluded Baranov.

Click here to see the winning commercial

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