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Before signing the contract, Hydro had already provided support for the preliminary feasibility study for FEPASA, with a view to creating a railroad in the region. For Hydro, the railroad would represent an alternative to transporting Hydro Paragominas' bauxite to the Hydro Alunorte alumina refinery. Currently, the distance between the two is covered by the first bauxite mud pipeline in the world. & Nbsp; Hydro's commitment is conditional on the railroad being competitive in relation to alternative transport solutions.

FEPASA is a railway project proposed by

State of Pará that intends to offer logistical solutions for the agriculture and mining businesses in the state. FEPASA intends to cover the distance from the south of the state of Pará, connecting with the federal railway North / South under construction, to Barcarena and Porto Vila do Conde. FEPASA will have two sections, in which the Northeast region, with a branch to Paragominas, will be necessary for the transportation of bauxite to Barcarena. Based on the current schedule, FEPASA would be 760 km long, including the line to Paragominas.

The preliminary timetable foresees that the railroad will be available to Hydro in Paragominas after 2025.

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