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Despite the exceptional amount of rain that hit the region between February 16 and 17, exceeding 200 mm, in approximately 12 hours, according to Climatempo company records, there was no disturbance in the refinery's solid waste deposits .

The rainwater was channeled to the sedimentation basins and subsequently directed to the industrial effluent treatment stations, after which it was released into the Pará River.

Hydro Alunorte, all rainfall is collected and treated before being sent to the river. The water treatment follows the criteria of Resolution No. 430/2011 of the National Environment Council (Conama), which includes release parameters such as: pH, temperature, turbidity, among others. & Nbsp;

Hydro Alunorte's water analysis and measurements in Barcarena are performed by laboratories certified by INMETRO and follow reference values established by the Brazilian Regulatory Standards under "Specification NBR 10004-2a Ed (05/31/2004) Annex F". As attested by the monitoring, there is no link between the company's activities and an alleged water contamination in the Barcarena area.

In fact, the incidence of exceptional rain observed between the 16th and 17th of February in the municipality of Barcarena caused an extraordinary volume of water through the city streets. As most of these streets have no pavement, the water takes on a reddish hue depending on the type of soil characteristic of the region.

This same volume of rain was perceived on the inner streets of the refinery and was gradually absorbed by Hydro Alunorte's water treatment plants.

Hydro recognizes that an industrial operation has impacts, but the company establishes strict standards for control, monitoring and prevention to ensure sustainable operation, respecting communities and the environment. Hydro Alunorte reinforces that its operation in Barcarena follows all the environmental legislation in force.

Environmental Monitoring

Sustainability is one of Hydro's priorities and the operations in Barcarena have robust systems for monitoring and managing water resources, atmospheric emissions and solid waste. Hydro Alunorte's control and monitoring actions have been verified in loco by the competent environmental authorities, who recently inspected the refinery.

On February 17, Hydro Alunorte received representatives from the Barcarena Public Prosecutor's Office, Civil Defense, Barcarena Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Economic Development (SEMADE), the Fire Department and the Caiquiama Association, representing local communities. At the end of the visit, the authorities and the community representative signed minutes that certify that no evidence or risk of transshipment was identified in the DRS 1 waste area and the Barcarena Public Prosecutor's Office informed that it will disclose this information to the leaders of local communities. Additionally, SEMADE and the Fire Department announced that they will forward a request for additional data.

On Sunday, February 18, representatives of the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (Semas), Evandro Chagas Institute, Barcarena Public Prosecutor's Office, Civil Defense, Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Economic Development of Barcarena (SEMADE), Fire Department and Abaetetuba Municipal Environment Secretariat (Semea). & Nbsp; Those present signed the meeting minutes to conclude the survey, reaffirming, as in previous visits, that there was no disruption of the company's Waste Deposit.

During the visit, there was a pipe with a small flow of reddish water in the refinery area. As requested by the authorities, the company is currently conducting the necessary investigations to identify the origin and nature of the material, as well as immediately sealing this pipe.

On the same day, the company was visited by IBAMA. The technicians traveled around the DRS1 and DRS2 deposits. Like the other visitors, they proved that there was no overflow or leakage. At the end of the visit, IBAMA informed that it will request a report to find out in detail how Hydro's work plan worked during this period of intense rain.

On January 26, Hydro Alunorte received technicians from the State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS), the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Economic Development of Barcarena (SEMADE), the Secretariat for Infrastructure of Barcarena and Civil Defense of Barcarena, who requested a visit to the refinery's waste deposit areas. The professionals, following the company's transparency standard, had free access to the DRS 1 and 2 waste deposits, and received all the clarifications requested. At the end of the visit, it was recorded in the minutes that the environmental agencies were leaving the company without any concern regarding these areas.

On February 13, officers from the Barcarena Fire Department visited Hydro Alunorte in order to verify the integrity of the Solid Waste Deposit 1 (DRS 1). According to the representatives, the unplanned inspection was motivated by a complaint made to the Corporation. After the visit, the officers signed the meeting minutes, noting that no irregularity or risk of transhipment was identified.

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