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Albras starts cutting 50% in its aluminum production

Albras' management decided to cut 50% of the aluminum plant's production, which corresponds to 230 thousand tons, based on annual production. The cut was necessary due to the reduction in production imposed on Alunorte, which makes it impossible to supply more than 50% of the alumina that Albras needs.

The decision was made today, April 10, and the process of reducing production will start soon, since all Albras alumina is supplied by Alunorte.

Albras aims to restart production as soon as Alunorte resumes its full production.

“Our main concern is Albras employees, as well as our customers, who will be affected by the decision. We will maintain a dialogue with the unions to assess any impact on employees, ”said the chairman of Albras, Einar Glommes.

Albras is located in the municipality of Barcarena, in the state of Pará, close to the Alunorte alumina refinery. The plant's capacity is 460 thousand tons of primary aluminum per year. Hydro owns 51% of Albras. The remaining 49% belong to Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co. Ltd.

Facts about the situation at Hydro Alunorte

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