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Alunorte clarifies new complaint from the community

This Thursday, June 14, Alunorte received the inspection of technicians from the institutions: Municipal Secretary of Environment of Barcarena, State Secretary of Environment, Specialized Police of the Environment, State Prosecutor's Office and Instituto Evandro Chagas. The inspections took place in response to a complaint made by the community about the presence of puddled water near the Waste Deposit 2.

The visits confirmed that the puddled water originated from a runoff of rainwater from an area of organic soil, without any contact with residues from the industrial process. This soil was extracted at the time of construction of the deposit and is preserved so that it can be used in the future for the rehabilitation of that area. There is no evidence that this runoff could have reached the Igarapé Água Verde located nearby.

The slopes of the deposit are intact and the free edges of the basins are approximately 4 meters, which proves that there was rupture or overflow of the basins or & nbsp; waste deposit.

Alunorte performed the analysis of water samples confirming normal pH values, proving that there was no contact with bauxite residues. & nbsp; Other analyzes will still be conducted by Alunorte and environmental authorities.

Initiatives are already being developed by the company to improve its rainwater drainage system and greater robustness of the company's water management.

In view of its commitment to transparency and dialogue, Alunorte explained to & nbsp; community leaders, government authorities and other stakeholders on the situation, making themselves available to receive visits from those who want more clarification on the spot.

The company is cooperating with all authorities and will maintain informed employees whenever they have updates on the subject.

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