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Alunorte finalized, last Tuesday (18.12), the door-to-door delivery of food cards to residents of the Murucupi basin area, in Barcarena, Pará. The receipt of the temporary benefit is foreseen in the Term Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TAC) signed between the company, Hydro, the State and Federal Public Ministries and the State Government of Pará through Semas - State Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability, in September this year.

The distribution was completed one day before the initial forecast (19.12 / Thursday). During the work, 25 teams were used to speed up deliveries, which continued during the last weekend (15 and 16.12). The partnership with community leaders and residents was essential to ensure the speed of work.

In all, 16 neighborhoods received distribution teams, which had & nbsp; with the support & nbsp; of community leaders who know the territory well. It was possible to make prior scheduling, including contact by cell phone. On the third day of work, almost 1,500 deliveries were recorded.

The families benefited by the food card lived in February 2018 in the area defined by the TAC, which includes the hydrographic basin of the Murucupi River. & nbsp; The criteria for selecting the families was also determined in the agreement: to be a resident of the defined area, present a personal document and proof that you already resided there in February 2018.

4,684 cards were delivered. At the time of delivery, everyone was informed that the cards were out of credit and that the first monthly installment would be available from December 20. The community was also instructed on the exclusive use of the card to purchase water and food from an accredited network.

A new stage for complementary registration of families in the same area defined in the TAC is under planning and should happen in & nbsp; 2019. It will be an opportunity for people who were not at home or were unable to present & nbsp; complete documents & nbsp; to be able to register & nbsp; or & nbsp; complement the registration to & nbsp; receive the temporary benefit according to the criteria defined by the TAC. & Nbsp;

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