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Alunorte also informs that, following the notification from the Public Ministry, it suspends the distribution of drinking water in water trucks as of April 21. The company will maintain the distribution of mineral water, which is used for drinking and cooking, for the communities Burajuba, Vila Nova and Bom Futuro, which already receive this assistance. Alunorte is committed to ascertaining this information and reinforces its willingness to continue collaborating with the authorities and communities in Barcarena.

Regarding the notification of the Public Ministry, Alunorte clarifies:

  • The notification mentions five communities, but Alunorte, as part of the humanitarian aid provided to communities affected by the heavy rains in February, has distributed drinking water to about 1,800 families in three communities & nbsp; specifically: Burajuba, Vila Nova and Bom Futuro .
  • To carry out water distribution, the company hired 10 water trucks for the distribution of drinking water for food preparation, body hygiene & nbsp; among other purposes for domestic use. These vehicles are in accordance with sanitary standards such as stainless steel tanks, identification of the vehicle as intended for the transport of drinking water, sanitation of the tank and licensing of vehicles for the transportation of this product.
  • The water distributed by the water trucks comes from the water treatment station of the local concessionaire (Águas de São Francisco), which is being monitored by the company & nbsp; service provider (Fontaim) together with the Environmental Surveillance of the Municipality of Barcarena, following Consolidation Ordinance No. 5 of the & nbsp; Ministry of Health.
  • The distribution of water via a water truck complements the supply that families receive of mineral water for consumption, which is supplied weekly in 20 liter gallons by the company hired by Alunorte. The company that supplies the mineral water is monitored and licensed by the Health Surveillance through the 1st Regional Health Center, ensuring that it is able to develop the activities as determined by RDC 173 / Anvisa.
  • Fontaim, under the supervision of an environmental engineer and an environmental analyst hired by Alunorte, monitors the potability of the water distributed by the trucks on each trip. The reports of each load prove the potability based on the analysis of the parameters: pH, turbidity, color, free residual chlorine and iron. Other parameters are measured periodically & nbsp; by the local water utility (Águas de São Francisco) and monitored & nbsp; by Alunorte.

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