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After heavy rains in February, inspections conducted by several local, state and federal authorities, including Ibama and Semas, confirmed the integrity of Alunorte's bauxite waste deposits and that there is no evidence of leakage or overflow. This was confirmed, again, by competent authorities at a session in the National Congress, in Brasilia, on March 15th.

Hydro, as the majority shareholder of Alunorte, is conducting an internal and an independent analysis, conducted by the environmental consultancy SGW, to clarify all the relevant facts surrounding rainwater and surface water discharges in the alumina refinery area. . The conclusions of these analyzes will be presented on April 9th.

There is no indication of significant or lasting impacts on the environment after the heavy rains in February in the Barcarena region.

Facts about the situation at Hydro Alunorte

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